• Hardware & Software

    Whether you need to purchase a new printer for your office, or a batch of 35 laptops for your school, Severn Business Solutions are here to help. As well as purchasing the right hardware to meet your needs, we can also supply you with the software to run on it - and install it for you, saving you time and often money too.
  • Ongoing Business Services

    Have you ever been in the situation where your telephone or internet service wasn’t working, and your suppliers blamed each other? Your telecoms provider tells you that it must be in internal systems issue, and your IT support team are
  • Our Professional Services for One off jobs and Projects

    Not every client wants or needs ongoing IT and telecoms support – sometimes businesses have issues that can be resolved through a simple piece of work or a one off project. Whether its as simple as creating an email signature
  • Proactive IT Support

    Wouldn’t it help your business if you could resolve IT issues before they impact on your business? Severn Business Solutions can provide a monthly proactive IT support service that can do just that. We can monitor your IT systems remotely


“Saturday, screen just goes blank when I opened a link I shouldn’t have! Called Ian and he took away injured computer. Monday, Ian is at my office at 9am with cured computer. AND THEN he fixes our telephone fault. This guy is worth his weight in gold. He does exactly what he says he will do AND MORE.”

Terry Lowrie-Herz, QDOS Validated Ltd
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