Our Professional Services for One off jobs and Projects

Ad-hoc & Project WorkNot every client wants or needs ongoing IT and telecoms support – sometimes businesses have issues that can be resolved through a simple piece of work or a one off project. Whether its as simple as creating an email signature or implementing a multi-site secure connected network we can help.

Examples include:

  • Slow or unreliable internet or network connectivity
  • A computer filing system that’s all over the place – with some files in a central location, other files on individual PCs, and no consistent system
  • Backups – perhaps you have no backup routine in place, or maybe it’s too manual and needs automating
  • Ad-hoc & Project WorkYour phone system – perhaps your system isn’t working as well for you as it could be
  • Moving office – and you need your IT and telecoms infrastructure setting up at your new location.

Severn Business Solutions can help with issues such as these and many more.

Just give us a call on 01952 456245 and tell us about your project! An initial consultation is always free of charge.


“I am writing to you to personally thank you for all your help in getting me setup with my new anti-virus software ESET. As you know I previously had a free version of a mainstream anti-virus software on my laptop before, but since installing ESET, my computer is running better than ever. My computer starts up in half the time now, the whole operating system is now running smoother and on the first scan ESET done it picked up two viruses that AVG didn’t even pick up. The difference in my laptop performance and the peace of mind knowing that my laptop is more secured than ever is well worth the small cost I had to pay. I will be sure to recommend this product to everyone. Thanks again”

Matthew Finn, Pi Financial Dixon Sutcliffe
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