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Whether you need to purchase a new printer for your office, or a batch of 35 laptops for your school, Severn Business Solutions are here to help.

You may be used to popping down to your local IT superstore each time you need a new computer – but can lead to problems, with pieces of equipment that don’t talk to each other, invalid licences, and a lot of work to set up all the software you need on your new machine.

When you call Severn Business Solutions for a quote for your IT equipment, we’ll consider how your new equipment will work with your existing setup.

Need to run Sage on that laptop? We’ll make sure you buy one which is suitable.

Need to make sure that the computer has all the correct licences associated with it, and all your software is set up and ready to go? No problem. We’ll take care of everything – and it needn’t cost you any more than buying from the supplier direct.

Just tell us your budget and we’ll recommend the best solution.

Hardware & Software


As well as purchasing the right hardware to meet your needs, we can also supply you with the software to run on it – and install it for you, saving you time and often money too.

Tell us what you need and we’ll provide you with a no obligation quotation. Simply give us a call on 01952 45 62 45.


“I am writing to you to personally thank you for all your help in getting me setup with my new anti-virus software ESET. As you know I previously had a free version of a mainstream anti-virus software on my laptop before, but since installing ESET, my computer is running better than ever. My computer starts up in half the time now, the whole operating system is now running smoother and on the first scan ESET done it picked up two viruses that AVG didn’t even pick up. The difference in my laptop performance and the peace of mind knowing that my laptop is more secured than ever is well worth the small cost I had to pay. I will be sure to recommend this product to everyone. Thanks again”

Matthew Finn, Pi Financial Dixon Sutcliffe
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